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LA Trendz Inc. have been involved in the Hookah Tobacco business since 2004. For the first 6 years we used to import our tobacco form the Middle East under the Trade Mark Al Amir Tobacco. In 2010 we decided to relocate our manufacturing facilities to the U.S in the state of California. We are proud to say that our product is made completely in the U.S.A. That decision was not an easy one to make but was one that we strongly believed in. The majority of tobacco brands on the market in the U.S.A are manufactured in the Middle East in Jordan. Some importers bring the product, which was already manufactured there in Jordan, and just repackage the product in the States. Others import their product fully manufactured and then just add the flavors and packaging in the U.S. The cheap cost of the product was the driving force behind their decision to import the product from outside of the U.S. Just wondering why then do our competitors charge such high prices for their products...

Our decision to manufacture in the U.S.A was due to very important aspects that we came to know as importers.

  • We wanted to be in control of all stages in the manufacturing of our brand of hookah tobacco. That meant down to choosing the right type of tobacco leaf, regardless of the cost.
  • Knowing all the ingredients that goes into the production of the tobacco and making sure they are FDA approved.
  • Utilizing the Just-In-Time manufacturing process to insure the delivery of fresh products consistently to our customers.
  • Quick turnaround for order replenishment for all orders that allows us to keep our customers always stocked.
  • The ability to change and produce new flavors in order to keep up with market demands.
  • To produce a product in the good Old' USA and to stop sending our hard earned dollars over seas.

Our motto at LA Trendz is: We make our customer’s needs our number one priority. There is nothing more important to us than serving our customers quality products in an efficient manner. "

A customer is the most important visitor to our premises. He or she is not dependent on us. We are dependent on them. Customers are not an interruption in our work. They are the purpose of it. They are not outsiders in our business they are a part of it. We are not doing a customer a favor by serving them. They are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so," -Mahatma Gandhi

We at LA Trends hope that you will give us that opportunity to exceed your expectations by trying our brand Al Amir Tobacco or by contacting us about any of your Hookah needs.