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About us

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LA Trendz Inc. has been involved in the Hookah Tobacco business since 2004. For the first 6 years we used to import our tobacco from the Middle East under the Trade Mark Al Amir Tobacco. In 2010 we chose to relocate our manufacturing facilities to the U.S in the state of California. We are proud to say that our product is made completely in the U.S.A. The majority of tobacco brands on the market in the U.S.A are manufactured in the Middle East in Jordan. Some importers buy the product, which was already manufactured in Jordan, and repackage the product in the States. Others import their product and then just add the flavors and packaging in the U.S. The cheap cost of the product was the driving force behind their decision to import the product from outside of the U.S.

Our decision to manufacture in the U.S.A was due to very important aspects that we came to learn as importers. We wanted to be in control of all stages of our manufacturing process in order to secure our brand of hookah tobacco. This means choosing the right strain of tobacco leaf, regardless of the cost. We are knowledgeable of our products and only use ingredients which are FDA approved. Utilizing the Just-In-Time manufacturing process helps us ensure a fresh delivery to our customers every time. In order to keep up with market demands, we innovate our flavors in-house. The Al Amir smoking experience is one of a kind because for us quality is a must.